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The Health Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water in Winkler County, TX

When you have a family and don’t want to unnecessarily expose them to contaminated water, you may want to look into various water filtration methods. There are standard water filters on the market, but they don’t filter out enough of the major contaminants. Understandably, your goal is to get purified water that doesn’t have any contaminants.

Here are the top three health benefits of reverse osmosis water in Midland County, TX.

Powerful Filtration

Reverse osmosis water eliminates molecules that can be harmful to the human body. For instance, calcium deposits can harden your water and negatively affect your skin. The compounds in hard water can be found in the following forms, which are not present in reverse osmosis water:

Phosphate • Lead • Arsenic • Mercury • Fluoride • Chloride • Cyanide • Ammonia

Lead Removal

Lead is one of the most common contaminants in US drinking supplies. Lead infiltrates drinking water when water pipes become corroded. Flint, MI, is a city that’s notorious for its lead contamination, but many other cities are suffering from the same problem.

Reduces Sodium Levels

Reverse osmosis water has between 90 to 95 percent less sodium than non-treated water supplies. Reverse osmosis filters out sodium through the same thin membranes that expel other contaminants.